Manage Service Delivery End-to-End


The concept of multisourcing has become a prevalent approach in the IT service and support business. Companies rely on a growing number of business partners in order to deliver services to their customers or fulfill other mission-critical functions. All these partners use their own systems, causing disrupted processes and preventing efficient execution of transactions. A high effort for coordination and tedious manual intervention between different systems is required, which slows down issue resolution. Building one-to-one connections is not a sufficient solution as it still causes fragmented processes, is not scalable, and very cost- and resource-intensive.

By using an expert service integration platform as Lomnido SIAM Broker you are able to integrate your service partners seamlessly in order to securely, reliably and automatically exchange support data and improve collaboration in service delivery. In that way you can manage your diverse ecosystem of partners efficiently and get complete visibility into cross-enterprise business processes. This allows for fully informed, accurate decisions. Using Lomnido as an integration hub is more cost-efficient than individual one-to-one connections – starting with the first connection.

Manage Service Delivery End-to-End:

  • Streamline processes, improve data quality and operate more effectively
  • Exchange critical data across your company boundaries with your business partners efficiently and securely
  • Onboard new partners quickly and painlessly
  • Manage your partner network and improve collaboration
  • Support partners to improve their service quality
Optimize service delivery
Speed up Your Supply Chain Processes