How we intelligently connect people and processes

We at Lomnido are experts in service integration and manufacturers of software products for effective digital communication in service management. We want to simplify and optimise the interaction between service partners internally and externally. For better service provision and service quality and for stress-free, cross-company communication.

Our Big Three




The integration expert – Lomnido

Experience and innovation

Lomnido was founded by a team of experts with more than 50 years of combined experience.

The Lomnido team benefits from and relies on the knowledge gained from several hundred successful integration projects. Our experts have seen it all and have never encountered a connectivity challenge they couldn’t solve.

Based on our integration expertise in various industries

we have created the Lomnido platform with the latest market and technological advances. Lomnido is the perfect answer for all business connectivity needs and stands for fast integration in the simplest way.

Lomnido is based in Vienna and is the European market leader for SIAM integrations.