Speed up Your Supply Chain Processes

Use Case

The number of devices that companies use in their daily business is steadily increasing. Additionally, the variety and functionality of these devices is growing in volume as well. In order to buy components companies have a wide choice of suppliers. Every supplier uses its own communication channel to transfer the available stock and prices of different components to their customers. The customers than have to consolidate and organize these floods of data manually to manage the ordering process. This is very time-consuming and error-prone.

With a specialised integration solution like the Lomnido platform you are able to connect your suppliers quickly and seamlessly via defining a standard interface and integration framework. Suppliers choose their preferred transport protocols and data formats from a connection catalogue. Thus everybody uses their own system while processes are fully integrated and automated and orders are transferred to the distributors in real-time. Therefore the ordering process is accelerated significantly and it’s possible to get the best price for any given component, since complete and accurate information is available at any time.

Efficiently manage your supply chain:

  • Fast integration and reduced project lead time
  • Greater choice of suppliers and shortened delivery times
  • Significant acceleration of the ordering process due to comprehensive automation
  • Deeper level of integration for higher accuracy
  • Reduced stocking by accelerating supply chain processes
Manage Service Delivery End-to-End
Simplify and Connect Your Diverse IT Environment