Which model would you like?

Lomnido solutions are available in various delivery models. Choose the model that best suits your company and your requirements. Each model is equally supported and you can easily switch if necessary.

You get your own Lomnido platform as a service with a tenant. Each platform is almost completely independent and shares only our bare metal and data centre resources!
Each Lomnido private cloud instance runs on its own GNU/Linux stack and hosts all data and programmes isolated from other instances. Each instance gets its own public IPv4 and you decide how it should be accessible from the outside!

Our private cloud instances only run on our own hardware! We rent neither computing nor storage resources. Both the actively processed data and the data at rest are under our control.

Our private cloud instances are hosted in 2 geo-redundant data centres in 2 different EU member states and we do not store any active or backup data outside the EU.

You retain control over your network, even if you use a Lomnido private cloud instance. You can choose who should access your platform and how. You can make it publicly accessible or hide it in an isolated network zone that is only accessible via an IPsec tunnel.

We keep your platform highly available and up to date. Our 24/7 NOC handles all incidents with the necessary urgency and care, while you can sit back and relax knowing that everything is being taken care of.

Do you already have your own data centre and a top-class virtualisation system? No need to deface your precious data centre and install a third party element, you can host your own Lomnido platform!

We are hypervisor agnostic! OpenStack, CloudStack, OpenNebula, ProxmoxVE or VMware? We don’t care! We deliver 2 RAW disc images that resemble bare metal discs, one bootable with our GNU/Linux stack and one as data storage.