Optimize service delivery

Use Case

The concept of multisourcing is becoming increasingly popular in the area of IT service and support. Companies are using a growing number of suppliers to provide services for their end customers and to perform other mission critical tasks.

Lomnido has developed the new SIAM Broker solution, an easy to use and efficient platform for integrating the ITSM processes of all involved parties, regardless of the ITSM solutions used. The cooperation between service providers and service customers is optimized ans support information is exchanged reliably, securely and automatically. Using SIAM Broker as an integration platform is significantly more cost efficient than individual direct connections and five times more effective than exchanging support tickets via email. Benefit from ready to use connectors and transaction patterns and integrate your existing solution within days with none or minimal configuration changes to your ITSM tool(s). The intelligent error handlers, comprehensive monitoring functionalities and complete audit trail significantly reduce daily operations workload. Additionally, these functions all make it possible to raise the quality of data connections to a new level.


  • Fast and simple integration of service partners and systems by easy configuration
  • Automated exchange of information between distributed systems even across company tools.
  • Comprehensive and intuitive integration of internal and external service data
  • Pre configured SIAM workflows and transaction patterns.


  • Accelerate service processes by automating system connections.
  • Optimized collaboration in service delivery and improved service quality.
  • High flexibility and scalability through fast onboarding of service providers and/or customers.
  • Increased transparency through permanent status overview
  • Existing applications and systems remain unchanged.
Manage Service Delivery End-to-End