The service integration solution


Multi-sourcing increases the complexity of the service enormously and the horizon usually ends at the boundaries of the organisations with the Enterprise Service Management (ESM), ITSM and workflow tools used. But how do you achieve cooperative and efficient collaboration under these circumstances, even across company boundaries?

The solution: the SIAM-Broker from Lomnido.

Across borders

Smooth cooperation, better service

SIAM-Broker is an easy-to-use and efficient software for integrating the service processes of all parties involved, regardless of the tools used. Service information is exchanged reliably, securely and automatically with SIAM Broker.

SIAM Broker enables smooth and future-proof collaboration between providers and customers across the entire service ecosystem. The solution provides a quick-to-deploy and cost-effective way to integrate all your internal applications and external providers/suppliers, regardless of which service management platforms and ITSM processes you use individually.

Connect all integration interfaces (API or non-API) with a single solution to ensure end-to-end process automation and complete transparency.

It used to be confusing.

Regular point-to-point or B2B integrations are not scalable, inflexible and error-prone. The complexity leads to spaghetti code and is difficult and expensive to maintain, especially when changing providers.

A holistic view and understanding of cross-organisational services is not possible.

Today there is the SIAM-Broker!

The SIAM-Broker was developed precisely for multisourcing scenarios and enables smooth collaboration through completely seamless automation. Connections can be established quickly and easily.

All integration interfaces are managed in a single solution. This ensures end-to-end process automation and complete transparency.

What makes the SIAM-Broker unique?

Simple and stress-free

Drastic reduction in time and costs for integration, testing, changes and operation

Largely unchanged utilisation of the processes and workflows of all connected tools

Coding not required for connection

Test simulator reduces lengthy end-to-end tests

Interact better

Integration and management of services (SIAM)

SIAM is a management approach that supports organisations in managing their internal and external service providers and helps companies to encourage their suppliers to work together cooperatively and effectively.

Our approach: to bring the added value of the SIAM method and the product, the Lomnido SIAM-Broker, closer in a playful way. A must for every service provider or anyone who operates more than three interfaces to suppliers.

The SIAM-Broker takes collaboration between service providers and service customers to a new level.

For the nerds

Technical information

  • Flexible transformation of data, mapping in the GUI or also possible in the script
  • Simple error handling and measurable KPI values for SLAs
  • SaaS and on-premise (also usable as a physical appliance)
  • Scalable performance
  • Supports staging: Development, Test & Production environment


  • Transaction Patterns
  • SIAM Core
  • Ownership Mgmt.
  • Succession


  • SIAM Routing
  • GUI Mapping
  • Data Formats
  • No-code Connectors


  • Ticket Store
  • Transaction Store
  • Alert & Error Handlers
  • Transaction Simulator