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All industry-standard ITSM systems as well as service desk, CMDB or asset management tools can be connected using Lomnido’s SIAM-Broker. In one process.

Lomnido enables cross-company collaboration.

This is how service quality works today.

Connecting without limits

Exemplary tools & systems

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The SIAM-Broker

SIAM-Broker provides a quick-to-deploy and cost-effective way to integrate all your internal applications and external vendors or suppliers, regardless of which service management platforms and ITSM processes you use individually. Connect all integration interfaces (API or non-API) with a single solution to ensure end-to-end process automation and complete transparency.

Security for systems and tools

All industry-standard ITSM systems, service desk tools and CMDB or asset management tools have already been connected using Lomnido’s SIAM-Broker.

Cost- and time-saving solution

Connections with the SIAM-Broker are flexible and can easily handle changes or releases. Maintenance is particularly simple. Continuity and investment protection are guaranteed.