We connect everything.

Synchronise data with SPIDER

SPIDER is a ready-to-use, web-based integration solution designed to process large amounts of data in a robust and efficient way.

Use SPIDER to connect all your internal systems and external partners quickly and cost-effectively. SPIDER makes it easy to integrate, restructure and organise information from different, often incompatible sources.

As a self-contained integration solution, SPIDER enables the synchronisation, aggregation, distribution, replication and validation of data within and outside your company boundaries to ensure end-to-end processes and complete transparency.

What makes SPIDER unique?


Connection of heterogeneous data sources

Elimination of data redundancies and errors

Ready for immediate use

Simple scalability

Intelligent data exchange

Make your company more efficient and flexible

Integrate your entire system landscape with a single solution. Business-critical information distributed across a variety of internal and external sources can be effectively exchanged and managed with SPIDER. Processes are simplified and automated as far as possible without having to make changes to existing applications or data structures.

With SPIDER, you can continue to use existing systems, expand their functionality and quickly and easily implement new systems and applications. This protects your investment.

For the nerds

Technical information

By bundling hardware, transport log servers, transaction software, operating software and configuration GUI as an immediately available solution, an essential part of a data integration project is already covered. Communication components, monitoring components, storage components, etc. are preconfigured and available for immediate use.

By using a wizard-driven approach that does not require code to implement connections, deployment is accelerated. This reduces the cost of integrating business processes. Using a visual interface with drag-and-drop integration processes and data mapping tools, simple to sophisticated integrations can be created and configured intuitively and quickly.

At the centre of SPIDER is the guarantee that a message has been correctly recorded and transmitted. This means that the data for each step of the conversion is transparent in the transaction log. If something is wrong, the system logs the exception and warns with the integrated advanced error mechanism. The queuing and retry mechanism guarantees that a message has been delivered to the target system, even if it is unavailable for a certain period of time.

The configuration can be deployed to and removed from 3 environments (production, test, development) running on the same platform with a single click. Additional test systems are not required.