How Lomnido supports your company


Whether you are a large corporation, service provider or general contractor – you will benefit from the Lomnido solution when integrating your ITSM platforms – no matter what role your company plays in multi-tool communication.

Lomnido solutions are ideal for any organisation that uses many interconnected ITSM tools and/or wants to transfer huge amounts of data.

Here you will find a small selection of our supported use cases.

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Use case: Large corporation

Outsourcing and increased complexity mean a growing number of vendors, suppliers and managed service providers (MSPs). Lomnido extends the reach of Enterprise Service Management (ESM), ITSM and workflow tools beyond the boundaries of organisations. The result: greater transparency, clear traceability and holistic supply chain control.

Use case: Service provider

With the SIAM-Broker, Lomnido supports service providers on the one hand as middleware between customers and service providers. At the same time, service providers can also offer their customers a connection to the Lomnido platform. The simple connection of the ITSM interface with the SIAM-Broker saves time and labour. For seamless collaboration with optimum scalability.

Use case: General contractor

General contractors who need services from subcontractors but cannot involve the customer simplify their data processes with the help of Lomnido’s SIAM-Broker. The general contractor can fulfil its tasks without being caught between the processes of the customer and the subcontractor. Transparency and protocols provide clarity and security.

YOUR use case

Are you faced with the challenge of connecting your existing systems and tools? With Lomnido’s products, you can achieve this in just a short time. No matter which ITSM systems, service desk, CMDB or asset management tools you use. Lomnido connects everything in an intelligent and simple way. Challenge us!