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Our partners

Our partners are an integral part of our approach to delivering strategic business value to our customers. We do not select our partners at random, but with particular care. The partners we select are specially trained by Lomnido and are expected to support our customers in the long term. Loyalty to our partners is therefore part of our strategy.

It is important to us that our customers always feel that they are in good hands with our partners and receive competent support. The number of our partners is constantly growing. This enables us to offer our customers comprehensive support.

Donau Informatik
MOS Academy
Softpoint / ITSM Group
Your desired partner

Our Solution sales partners are organisations that specialise in selling Lomnido solutions to meet the specific needs of the prospect or customer. They specialise in understanding and addressing the unique service management/SIAM challenges of their customers. He offers the Lomnido platform as a comprehensive solution. The focus is on building lasting relationships and providing ongoing support to ensure the client’s success.  

The Lomnido solution sales sartner provides the customer with the complete solution package including Lomnido software solutions, implementation, project management, support, consulting and possibly training.  Its main features include: 

  • Understanding customer needs 
  • Long-term relationships 
  • Consultative approach 
  • Value proposition 
  • Problem-solving orientation 
  • Qualified implementation skills 

Lomnido implementation partners are product experts who focus on the implementation of Lomnido applications and provide customers with all the support, advice and possibly training required for successful implementations. The following key features characterise a Lomnido implementation partner: 

  • Qualified implementation skills 
  • Consultative approach 
  • Understanding customer needs 
  • Problem-solving orientation 

Our platform partners are companies or service providers that offer web hosting services to Lomnido customers and partners.

Web hosting is the storage and maintenance of files, databases and other components of the Lomnido platform that make the Lomnido software solution accessible via the Internet. A platform partner provides the necessary infrastructure and technology so that the Lomnido platform can be hosted and displayed by users.