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Do you want to lift your service sourcing to a new level?

Discover the innovative products from Lomnido. For the design of dynamic processes and optimised service quality. For a communication without borders and technical hurdles.

Our self-developed integration solutions ensure a seamless process automation, a smooth cooperation and less stress in day-to-day business.

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Lomnido’s SIAM-Broker is the perfect solution for multisourcing scenarios, regardless of which tools are in use. The software is easy to use. It is the only thing you need to automate processes end-to-end. For smooth collaboration between all parties involved and a plus in service quality.

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Connect the data streams of your internal systems and external partners quickly and easily with SPIDER from Lomnido. The web-based integration solution is designed for processing large volumes of data. Configuration is intuitive via drag-and-drop. Scaling is possible without any problems.

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State-of-the-art sourcing with Lomnido

Lomnido offers customers and partners from small to large companies in various industries such as telecommunications, banking, service providers, computer software, energy and healthcare a competitive advantage thanks to effective cooperation in service.

In our fast-paced world, complexity and integration issues delay business and increase costs, leading to problems. Create and configure simple to sophisticated integrations with exceptional speed and simplicity.

Lomnido fulfils all our cross-company integration requirements and exceeded our expectations of how easy and fast connections to vendors, departments and databases can be. We have found our ideal 360-degree complete integration solution.

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General contractors eliminate shadow suppliers and maintain legal relationships

Service providers reduce the number of connections and processes between customers without reducing the number of customers.

Managers can send and process data quickly.

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